New Life International School where students LOVE to learn!
  • low student-to-teacher ratio (maximum of 15 to 1)
  • close knit family atmosphere
  • one computer for every two students 
New Life International School (NLIS) is a kindergarten, ages 4 and 5, elementary, and junior high school that provides a Christian education all in English.  2020-2021 Grades K-8, 2021-2022 grades K-9, 2022-2023 grades K-10, and so on.
American and internationally recognized curriculum are used to prepare our students to be globally responsible citizens.  Through visiting speakers, to hands on collaboration in the classroom, New Life International School works hard to provide authentic learning experiences that challenge and inspire our students to grow.   We do projects, speeches, drama, and research using the internet and other outside sources to go beyond our texts and our own life experiences. As an international school, we offer a multi-cultural environment which is a safe environment for children to learn, play, and express their individuality.
We have several special days each month that motivate learning and create a buzz of activity among our students and teachers. We present dramas, reports, an annual science fair, an art exhibit, and concerts, and we have classroom parties, 3 field trips a year, special speakers, and several theme days where the entire school studies, dresses, eats, and explores that theme.  
October 29, Tuesday          FALL CLASS PARTY 
November 5th, Tuesday    PICTURE DAY  
November 9th, Saturday   OPEN CAMPUS  (OPEN TO PUBLIC)

11:00-12:30.  This is for families who are interested in coming to our school.    Come for a powerpoint explanation on our school, a tour of the school, and a close look at the curriculum.  Children are welcome.  Reservations are not required, but they help us make sure there is enough parking.  If you can, please call 055-287-9577.  

November 12, Tuesday      FIELD DAY to SHOSENKYO
November 19, Tuesday     POTTERY CLASS
November 23, Saturday    ASAHI FESTIVAL BOOTH

From 10:00 to 4:00 our students will participate in a group project of selling used and handmade items at a booth at the Asahi festival.  This will teach our students how to work with the public, count money and give change.  

To receive more information or see the school personally, please call 055-287-9577 from 9:00 to 4:00 in English or Japanese, or call Suzy Brown at 090-6014-2663 anytime.   5-4-16 Asahi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken, 〒400-0025 Japan
New Life International School (NLIS) is sponsored by New Life International Church, a Protestant evangelical church located in the same building.  NLIS students do not need to attend church or be Christians to be enrolled in our school.  Please read the site "Christian Education" to understand more fully what we are and how we teach.  For more information about New Life International Church, visit our website:
Click on the photos below to take a look at out our school facilities. See our Facebook page:  New Life International School Yamanashi.