What do parents think about NLIS?


NLIS is a great school with good, loving and caring faculty.  Teachers are very good and focused on teaching.  My child is learning lots of things and activities under the teachers' guidance.  We wish that this school grows fast.  Education level and practical knowledge given by teachers is very good.  NLIS is just fantastic!  --father of 2nd grade child

NLIS has provided my daughter with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which she has been able to find her talents and strengths and blossom into a confident child. - father of a3rd grader NLISは、安全で愛がある環境、また、娘が成長できる環境を与えてくれています。その中で、自分の才能、強みを見付けだし、自信をもって開花させることができる場所です。(小学3年生のお父さんより)

"Love."  That's the word that best describes NLIS.  Two of my children are growing and being educated in love.  --mother of 1st and 3rd grade children

My son joined NLIS last year as a 1st grader and is in the 2nd grade this year.  His English has grown greatly, but I can also see that he has started to have his own ideas and is more independent.  When he was a 1st grader, he always asked me to help or to check his homework, but this year he has confidence and does his homework by himself.  I think it happens because the teachers accept his whole individual character and work to develop those characters.  He tells his idea positively in our conversation and he even makes me shocked sometimes because he says, "I think this way because of this..."  I appreciate the teachers for accepting good sides of students' individual character and developing them with structure.  --mother of a 2nd grader

I use to believe that accredited schools or immersion education, or even bigger schools with better facilities might be better.  There were so many things to consider when researching what school was the best and I had anxiety before enrolling to NLIS.  However, NLIS is a new school and because of the small scale, kids can grow with the school and make history.  Teachers care about each child.  I can't say enough about the good things of this school!  I don't have any anxiety at all now!  The Japanese class teachers are wonderful.  In math class they study world known Singapore math so I'm happy about their educational side, too.  I think now there is no difference between NLIS and big scale schools with long histories.  We moved from another prefecture for NLIS and my son is nonnative, but our choice is correct!  Because my son is nonnative (pure Japanese), it might be hard for him to follow the lessons, but he is happy and excited to go to NLIS everyday.   ----mother of a 1st grader
一条校へのこだわり、イマージョン教育の魅力や、規模も大きく施設等も整ったschoolと、色々と検討する事や不安な点も入学するに当りありましたが、新設校であり、school規模が小さいが故に、子供がschoolと共に成長し、歴史をつくっていける事、先生方も子供一人ひとりと向き合ってくださる事、例えをあげるときりがありませんが、今では何の不安もありません。日本語クラスも大変素晴らしい先生方が担当されており、算数においては、世界標準であるシンガポール算数を学ぶ事が出来、教育面においても満足しています。規模の大きなschool、歴史あるschoolに何の引けも取らないと感じています。nonnativeであり、他県から転居しての入学でしたが(入学する事が出来)、大正解でした。P.S. nonnative(純日本人)で、本当は授業についていく事は大変かもしれませんが、子供本人は、毎日schoolへ行く事が楽しくてしかたがないそうです!!(小学1年生のお母さんより)

Both our daughters are very happy at NLIS, and I believe that it is most due to the fabulous loving environment in the school, which allows them to flourish naturally in their own way. --father of 1st and 3rd grade children