New Life International School - Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan



K through 6th Grade Subjects:                                                          年長〜小学6年生の教科:

  -English Language: Reading, Writing, Spelling                                 - 英語:読み・書き・つづり

  -Daily Five - a very effective literacy program that encourages 

    students to read and write in great depth                                    

  -Phonics:  K - 2nd grade                    - 発音:年長〜小学2年生

  -Handwriting: K-5th grade                                                                - 書き:年長〜小学2年生      

  -Singapore Math                                                                                - 算数:シンガポール算数

  -Bible/Chapel                                                                                     - 聖書/礼拝

  -Japanese Literacy (Native Japanese, experienced teachers)             - 日本語:読み書き(先生は経験のある日本人)

  -Science and Health - weekly STEM projects and experiments                      - 理科と保体

  -Social Studies - hands-on projects, research, and presentations        - 社会                                                          

  -Art and Music   (handbells in 2/3 grades)                                         - 美術と音楽

  -Recorder is taught to grade 4 and 5                     - リコーダー 小学4年生〜

  -Physical Education - sports, exercises                                               - 体育

  -Typing is taught to grade 4 and above                                               - タイピング:小学4年生〜

Following American style education, we emphasize independent thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  Our atmosphere is loving and accepting. Children are not afraid of making mistakes, so they are eager to participate in class. 


Junior High Curriculum, Grade 7-9                                     中学年生の教科:

-Literature - novels, O Henry short stories                                  - 読み・書き小説、O Henryの短編ス トーリー                                                                                                                                                 
-Writing - essays, poems, short stories, letters                                          - 書き:エッセイ、ポエム、短編小説、手紙

-History: Asian government, history, and geography                           - 歴史:世界史
with an emphasis on Japan

-Math:  Singapore Math                                                                        - 算数:シンガポール算数

-Japanese Literacy                                                                                - 日本語:読み書き

-Science:  Earth studies                                                                                  - 理科地球について
-Home Economics: Sewing, cooking                                                          - 家庭科:裁縫、料理

-Computer literacy - students will take Google drive lessons,
create their own accounts, manage documents, spreadsheets,  
presentations, surveys, and more                                                          - コンピューターでの読み書き

-Physical Education                                                                                - 体育

-Visual Arts & Drama                                                                                           - ヴィジュアル アートと演劇

Language   授業で使われる言語

All subjects are taught in English except for Japanese literacy class and only English is spoken in the classrooms.  Japanese is spoken in Japanese class. 


Japanese Literacy Class   日本語(読み・書き)の授業
The Japanese literacy class is taught three times a week by highly trained Japanese teachers.  Literacy classes focus on Japanese reading and writing skills so students can function in Japanese society.  Our Japanese literacy goal for the elementary school from 1st to 5th grade is the same as a Japanese school - we teach the same kanji through 5th grade. Then from 6th grade, we will do 65% -70% each year.  Students who graduate from our high school (a 12th grade graduate) will have completed all compulsory education goals in Japanese kanji. 


After School English Classes 放課後英語クラス

Depending on the student's level, there are English classes for extra support for students from 3:15-4:00 on Mondays for grades 1 and 2 and Tuesdays for grades 3 through 5th.  It's 800 yen per week. 


Standardized Testing 

We will be testing all 4th and 5th graders in January, 2020.  They will take the Iowa Basic Skills Test.  This will include reading, writing, grammar, math, science, information skills, and social study skills.  We will be able to see where each student places compared to students in America and around the world.  We're going to be working hard to do a great job on these tests!