New Life International School - Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan

Admissions Dates


We accept students throughout the year.   Feel free to contact us with questions.

To receive an enrollment packet, please e-mail us and arrange a meeting time or send us your home address so we can mail the packet to you.  


Academic Requirements:

We advise parents to teach their 1st grade child to recognize and write the ABC's before entering school so that we can move more smoothly and successfully into English reading and writing skills.  For other requirements see below, or contact us with questions.  There are no academic requirements for kindergarten.  Children should be age 5 by April for kindergarten class.

Transfer students entering higher grades need to have successfully passed the previous grade level in an English-based elementary school or be fluent in English.  Students transferring in from a Japanese school will have to be evaluated to determine if they are able to receive an English education.  We will allow a certain amount of students with no English up to 2nd grade.  They will need to pass an interview.   Each child's situation is carefully looked at to make sure that he or she can learn successfully.





3  Student Qualifications Requirements


1. Language Assessment Requirement:

1. We will interview children who are not native English speakers to determine the child’s language ability and experiences. 

2. We will test the child directly to see if the child can comprehend spoken English, answer simple English questions, and respond to simple commands. 
Students need not be native speakers, but they should understand and respond to simple English regarding a variety of every day topics so that they will have a strong foundation to interact and learn in class.   The student will be asked to read, to write, and to do math problems in the test.

*Kindergarten has no language requirements.

1. 語学力:





2. Grade Level Requirement: A student entering K and1st grade have no pre-school attendance requirements.  However, we strongly suggest that students be taught to read and recite the A, B, C’s before entering 1st grade.

A student entering grades 2-6, must have attended and passed the previous grade level to be entered into the next grade of our school.  That is, a student must have already attended and passed 1st grade elementary school in order to be admitted into 2nd grade.

Transferring from home school: Students who have been home schooled are respected and welcomed to NLIS.  However, we request that parents show their children`s grades to inform us of the level of each student.

Transferring Japanese school students: Students who have been educated in a Japanese elementary school, yet have English skills, are able to transfer into NLIS.



ホームスクールからの編入: それまでホームスクールをしていた生徒も大歓迎です。でも、ご両親には、1人1人の子のそれまでの成績を提示していただきます。

日本の学校からの編入: 日本の小学校で学んでいた生徒も、英語力が問題無ければNLISに編入出来ます。

3. School Regulations, Policies, and Procedures Requirement: Parents must read the NLIS School handbook and agree to follow and support all NLIS regulations, policies, and procedures for their child’s sake.  Children must also agree to follow the school regulations. It is important for parents to give the child a sense of responsibility for joining a school community and for respecting the teachers and leaders of the school. 

3.学校の規則・ポリシー・手続きについて: ご両親は、NLISのハンドブックを読み、お子さんのためにNLISの規則・ポリシー・手続きを理解し、従って下さい。また、子供たちも学校の規則に従うことに同意して下さい。子供に「学校という社会に加わるんだ」という責任感、また、「学校の先生やリーダーを敬う」という責任感を与えるのは、親にとって大切なことです。

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